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Welcome to my first Eleutheria3D project

This is a minimal chess game built using OpenGL ,C++ and Windows API.


The game is based only on the Alpha-Beta algorithm not much of a chess game but surely this is better than moving yourself twice. Since the chess algorithms have been a never ending story during the years i decided to cut it short and go on to more exciting projects like the Diskordia game engine that i started to work on.


  • Left click on a piece to select it
  • Left click on a square to position the piece after selecting it
  • VK_NUM4,VK_NUM6,VK_NUM8,VK_NUM2 to rotate the board for a better look
  • A-zoom in
  • Z-zoom out


The game is exclusively 3D since we are all bored of 2D right .The skin from the image is more or less the final one since the game is still in the developement stage.I think this is the first chess game in which the pieces are reflected onto the chess board so the graphics are really cool for such a game.

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