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Diskordia -3dsLoader

Diskordia-octree space partitioning



    junior programmer

    Hi,i am Iulia -Ana Ene(alias Daos) and i'm working on some simple programming projects . Currently  Eleuheria3D  is   my trademark.

The goal of this site
This sit will host some of the projects i'm working on not necessary OpenGL specific but anything related to programming in the form of libs .

Projects :

  • TheHanibal chess engine (a minimal chess game)(released)
  • The .3ds model loder library (part of Diskordia Game Engine)(released)

  • The Octree Space Partitioning(part of  Diskodia Game Engine)(abbandoned...school hurts and i lost interest in it)


My Interests:

    Software :
  • Game Programming
  • Windows API
  • OpenGL
  • DirectX
  • Assembly programming(HLA)
  • And why not, anything related to programming